Thursday, December 25, 2014

Vanessa & Kids - Happy X-mas (War Is Over)

Late in her career as Vanessa, Vanessa recorded a cover single for the Lennon/Ono hit "Happy X-Mas (War Is Over)".  The song features Vanessa's four children as her backing choir!  The best part of the song is the closing moments when Vanessa is telling each child individually that she loves them.  I need to dub my name over Constanza's for sure so Vanessa can tell me she loves ME!!!

Sadly I can't find a complete and uninterrupted version of the song, but this still works.  From 1992, Vanessa & Kids performing "Happy X-mas (War Is Over)":

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Day I Discovered Vanessa

September 2013, shortly after my 35th birthday, I discovered Vanessa.  I was on YouTube, watching who knows what when, in the suggested videos section, appeared a golden vision of pure pop beauty...VANESSA, in her video for "Upside Down", wearing short neon green shorts and a skimpy, white tank top accentuating her rather large bosom.  On top of that, a shiny, sequined headband.  On looks alone, Vanessa had already stolen my heart.  Then I hit play.  The music...the magic...the POP!  My smile grew and grew while "Upside Down" played as Vanessa bounced around a gym of hunky, 80's men, perverting their workout with her sexy moves.  I'd seen and heard music like this before, but there was something so very, very special about Vanessa that I could not deny.  The Europop beats!  The joyful simplicity of it all.  The complete happiness it made me feel.

My love and obsession with Vanessa has not stopped growing since last September.  I think about her constantly.  I play her music all the time.  This new blog is a culmination of that obsession...that LOVE!  I'm not sure how often I will post here, but it will be often enough.  And of course, there is no video I would even think about sharing with you first other than the first video of Vanessa's that completely enthralled me and will continue to enthrall me for the rest of my life...

Ladies and gentlemenz, I present Vanessa in "Upside Down"...